Armourcoat’s extensive range of polished plaster combines ancient skills with natural materials and carefully refined application techniques to create a stunning range of polished plaster finishes unsurpassed in quality and design. Senza Fine’s skilled craftsman have been utilizing Armourcoat’s Plaster to create timeless looks sense 2007. Armourcoat’s versatility as a product is unmatched as the overall look of the finish depends heavily on the hand of the individual applicator. Because of this, Senza Fine can craft smooth, lightly polished surfaces to heavily textured concreate stone effects. Stencil work can be utilized in the plaster to create a stunning logo wall or mural in any space.

If plaster doesn’t fit your design needs, Armourcoat’s Sculptural Panel Systems offer a seamless three-dimensional wall covering perfect for any residential or commercial feature wall. Each of the 25 designs is created using a combination of traditional hand sculpting and computer aided design to ensure total accuracy during installation whilst retaining the essence of a hand-crafted product. With Armourcoat’s product range and Senza Fine’s skill, the design options are truly limitless.